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Surprise homecoming reunites family

Surprise homecoming reunites family

It appeared to be a typical Thursday for Theresa Byrne.


Veterans cemetery at the Great Park?

When American Legion Chaplain Bill Cook peered through the chainlink fence at the windswept landscape — stripes of concrete marking a scrubby field framed by dark green foothills in the distance — he remembered the Phantoms.


74th Assembly candidates meet at Feet to the Fire forum

Working well in Sacramento and sending money back to Orange County were among the ideas marking the 2014 election season's first Feet to the Fire forum Thursday night.

Battista set to transfer out of CdM, to Tesoro

At the end of a historic season in late December, reporters asked Coach Scott Meyer about next year. Can his football team repeat a perfect season?


Council to finalize reservoir cover deal

The installation of a new floating cover at Big Canyon Reservoir is complete — again.


Fashion Island shooter sentenced to 12 years in prison

A man who fired a handgun 54 times at Fashion Island because it reportedly made him "feel better" was sentenced Friday to 12 years in state prison.


Life + Arts



Political Landscape: Petros backs Dixon for council

Political season is in full swing, as are the endorsements.

Teeming with traffic?

Teeming with traffic?

A popular cycling route alongside the Upper Bay that helps connect Newport Beach to Irvine has come under scrutiny.

SOY to host fiesta fundraiser

A local nonprofit whose mission is to transform the lives of at-risk youths will host its sixth annual fiesta fundraiser next week.

Senior center retains counsel

The Costa Mesa Senior Center has retained an attorney to guide its board through financial negotiations aimed at keeping the troubled...

Council delays vote on apartments

The Costa Mesa City Council this week delayed a vote on a luxury apartment complex in a predominantly commercial area near John Wayne...

Mayor asks blogger to apologize for Hitler reference

Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer during Tuesday's council meeting demanded an apology from a local blogger who posted online comments...

Public Safety

Police Files: April 18

Harbor Boulevard: Grand theft was reported in the 3200 block at 7:10 a.m. Thursday.

Police Files: April 17

Hoag Drive: Public drunkenness was reported in the 100 block at 8:23 p.m. Tuesday.

Police make assault arrest outside of Sharkeez

Newport Beach police Friday arrested a Colton resident who they say tried to attack another man with a bottle during a bar fight.

Driver crashes Jeep into Upper Newport Bay

An apparently intoxicated Costa Mesa resident drove her car into a Newport Beach nature preserve and then crashed into a marshy area of...

Bicyclist dies after being struck by car

Bicyclist dies after being struck by car

A bicyclist from Costa Mesa died after she was struck by a vehicle in Huntington Beach, authorities said.

Boat gives owner the slip

The culprit in the case of a boat reported stolen turned out to be the knot used to tie it to a dock near Corona del Mar, according to...

Firefighter injured in Costa Mesa house fire

Firefighter injured in Costa Mesa house fire

A firefighter was injured battling an Eastside Costa Mesa house fire on Wednesday morning, officials said.

Police: no clear link to serial killings

Newport Beach police are looking for connections between an unsolved homicide in their city and recently revealed serial killings in...

Business & Real Estate

Event celebrates upcoming Newport to Ensenada race

Event celebrates upcoming Newport to Ensenada race

The historic Balboa Village filled with new energy Sunday afternoon, as business owners gathered under white tents to offer passersby...

Council holds off on possible post office move

Council holds off on possible post office move

The Newport Beach City Council isn't ready to send off its Mariner's Mile post office just yet.

SoulCycle spins toward Newport Beach

SoulCycle spins toward Newport Beach

SoulCycle, a trendy brand of spinning that enthusiasts claim as life-changing, may be coming soon to Newport Beach — its first...

Talking Shop: Who let the dogs in? This woman

Talking Shop: Who let the dogs in? This woman

Karen Mahmalji is in it for the wagging tails.

Biz News: Grab a bite before the next sesh

Biz News: Grab a bite before the next sesh

A new sandwich shop opening on the Balboa Peninsula was inspired by the founders' love of surfing sessions and sandwiches.

73 Toll Plaza to close May 14

73 Toll Plaza to close May 14

A date has been set for the transition away from cash payments on Orange County toll roads.


OCC cheer team takes first place

The Orange Coast College cheerleading team took first place at a recent competition in Florida, according to a news release.

OCC speech and debate team a winner

The Orange Coast College Speech, Debate and Theater team returned to campus as national champions after traveling to Denver to compete in...

Newport-Mesa classified workers are honored

Newport-Mesa classified workers are honored

Newport-Mesa Unified staff members celebrated the success of colleagues honored as Orange County Classified Employees of the Year during a...

D.A. to receive evidence in CdM cheating case

Newport Beach police detectives are forwarding evidence gathered in the Corona del Mar High School cheating case to the Orange County...

IVC teachers win top honors

Irvine Valley College granted two language professors top honors this week.

Accrediting body visits Coast colleges

Representatives from the body that oversees accreditation for community colleges in California visited the Coast Community College District'...



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